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He began playing guitar in primary school at age 9, writing songs at age 13 and was playing in bands around his hometown when he was 15. Jamie moved to Alice Springs when he was 16 and was playing at tourist resorts at age 17. In 1995 he moved back to Tasmania before his 18th birthday and landed a residency at a local resort for two and half years. In that time, he teamed up with singer, guitarist/producer Dave Whitney and together they produced two solo country inspired E.p’s titled “Jamie Lindsay” and “Further down the Track”. During this time, he also had classical singing lessons from Sharon Murray to develop his voice.

At age 19, Jamie began the country music festival circuit and made the top 10 finalists in the prestigious Tamworth Starmaker talent quest. The following year he made the top 10 again and began supporting such artists as Slim Dusty and Troy Casser-Daley. When he turned 20, he moved to Bendigo, Victoria, formed a band called “Jamie Lindsay and the Storm” and toured weekly all around the state as well as crossing into NSW and performing in Broken Hill.

At 21, Jamie was hired by the Australian tourist commission to go to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur to perform at the travel expo. While playing in Mildura in his covers band, he met guitar virtuoso “Sam Vincent” in 2000 and in 2001 he moved to the NSW Central Coast. In Sydney he began a weekly Friday night residency with Sam Vincent at the Hard Rock Café. The duo became known as the “Sam and Jamie Show” and took the covers scene by storm, picking up weekly residencies at all the major live venues.

Jamie was signed to INXS owned label, A&R publishing in 2002 and worked with INXS guitarist Tim Farriss at his home studio on 5 original demos. Through A&R he was able to make industry contacts as well live showcases of his music.

In 2003, Sam and Jamie met legendary songwriter/producer Harry Vanda, and began writing and recording in his Flashpoint studios. At the time they were in between band names, which started with “Stonewall” then “Van Diemen” until they settled on “Kings Queens and Fairytales” in 2006.

They stopped working with Harry and started building their own home studio to start producing music on their own. Sam’s sister Michelle joined the band playing drums and the trio began playing live around Sydney.

In their duo act, Sam and Jamie supported Richard Clapton, Ian Moss, Jack Jones, Diesel and Jeff Martin. In 2009 Michelle left KQF and was replaced by Dave Ferry. In 2010 they released their first self produced E.p titled “Once upon a time”. KQF’s second E.p titled “Days of the white Knights” has yet to be released.

In 2012, Jamie was apart of the corporate cover band “Unison” that traveled to Hawaii which played on the USS Missouri for a prestigious corporate event and continued on to tour the US for a further 3 weeks.

In 2013 Jamie released his self produced E.p titled “First day of Autumn” and is currently working on his blues and roots inspired record tilted “Stomp”.

For the last 12+ years Jamie has been booked at all the major Sydney venues as well as weddings and international corporate events.

Some of the clients that Jamie has performed for are, Telstra, CBA, ANZ, MacDonald’s, Macquarie Bank, NRMA, Vodafone, AAMI, Citibank, ING, Peugeot and many others.

Jamie also has his original music available on Itunes under his own name as well as the band “Kings Queens &; Fairytales”.

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