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Kings Queens & Fairytales

Kings Queens and Fairytales (KQF) is the brainchild of guitarist Samuel Vincent and vocalist Jamie Lindsay.

After meeting in 2000 and relocating to Sydney in 2001, the duo began working on a 5 song demo for their original band “Stonewall” in collaboration with INXS guitarist / producer Tim Farris. After a year or so of doing the circuit around Sydney and supporting such acts as Richard Clapton and Invertigo, they were discovered by songwriter/producer Harry Vanda.

In 2004, Sam and Jamie began working on their next lot of demos in Harry’s studio (Flashpoint). The band went through a name change, “Van Diemen” had an album planned, however deciding not to proceed with the deal Sam and Jamie set their sights to new beginnings. By 2006, Sam and Jamie had begun gathering their own resources to begin production of a new sound and direction.

2008 was the year that Kings Queens and Fairytales was born, Sam and Jamie took their songs and sound to the streets of Sydney. It was not long before the hype got round and they began supporting Indie bands such as Ink and Mammal.

In 2009 Sam and Jamie met with drummer Dave Ferry and began working on their debut E.P “Once Upon A Time” at their Studio.

In October 2010 their debut E.P was released – Listen Here

KQF are currently working on the second E.P “Days of The White Knights” due late 2012.

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